Poland: Amazing Performance of Retargeting E-mails, 38x CTR!

For this comparative study, Remintrex sent 500,000 e-mail messages in Poland for the sectors E-commerce, Finance, and Telecommunication in the period from late January to the end of May 2015. As part of the test, e-mails were sent to randomly selected contacts (mass mailing or direct e-mail marketing), and then to carefully selected web users (retargeting e-mails).

The data below compares the performance of mass mailing vs. Retargeting e-mails in Poland for the three categories taken in consideration in this study. To read the whole article in Polish, check eGospodarka.pl.


Open rate: 1.4% vs. 14% (10 times higher)

CTR: 0.2% vs. 7.7% (38.5 times higher!)


Open rate: 3.7% vs. 11.8% (3.8 times higher)

CTR: 0.7% vs. 7.1% (10.1 times higher!)


Open rate: 3.3%, retargeting 12.6% (3.2 times higher)

CTR: 0.3 vs 9.6% (32 times higher!)

Opening Rate Poland – Retargeting E-Mail vs Mass mailing

The increase of the performance when sending retargeting e-mails instead of anonymous mass mailing is evident. It is mainly due to the relevance of the content included in the retargeting message, which is sent after a user left a webpage without taking the desired action. If you want to know more about the working principles of e-mail retargeting, you can find here a clear explanation of our cookie-based technology, which allows us to recognize a percentage of lost visitors and bring them back to the website, where they can make an order.